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Raju Rishi

RRE Ventures is excited to announce our Series B investment in Redox, the modern API for healthcare. Redox is building a highly scalable network which integrates healthcare applications and health systems. Today, Redox is the leading healthcare integration platform with the largest ecosystem of enterprise applications. And tomorrow, Redox will become a powerful force for the achievement of better data, better patient care, and better outcomes across our nation’s entire healthcare system.

"The thesis which led to our investment in Redox is simple," said Raju Rishi and Cooper Zelnick, who have joined Redox's board. "The proliferation of consumer healthcare devices, the explosion of healthcare applications, and the trend towards data-driven healthcare creates an enormous opportunity for patients, providers, and payers alike." However, the complexity of legacy electronic health records and other healthcare technologies has made it increasingly difficult for healthcare system CIOs to keep up with the demands of both doctors and patients for application integrations. As a result, healthcare feels like an industry left behind by the data revolution. We believe that the true promise of value-based care and dramatically improved outcomes will not be realized until new technologies can rapidly penetrate existing healthcare systems.

After meeting Luke, Niko, and James, Redox’s three co-founders, we knew we had found the team to solve this problem. And since launching in 2014, they’ve done just that. Their extensive backgrounds in healthcare interoperability (all three worked for Epic Systems in Madison Wisconsin) makes them uniquely positioned to understand and solve this key problem in healthcare. Our partnership with Redox represents not only an investment in a painful problem within a massive space, but also an investment in an unparalleled team of passionate domain experts.

Redox is the first and only company developing a networked approach to healthcare interoperability. After evaluating the landscape of interoperability solution providers, we came to believe that businesses enabling one-off, point-to-point healthcare connections fall short of achieving the ultimate goal of data liquidity in healthcare. Redox, with its scalable, reusable infrastructure and standardized data models, has created a unique, elegant, and exceedingly valuable solution to this problem.

Coupled with the Redox team’s deep technical expertise, the company’s location in Madison, Wisconsin gives Redox several key competitive advantages beyond unparalleled access to craft beer and cheese curds. Luke, Niko, James, and the rest of the Redox team are recognized as thought leaders within Madison’s health tech ecosystem, enabling the company to recruit talent, operate efficiently, and secure key partnerships in a large and growing market. We look forward to working closely with the Redox team as they help payors, providers, and patients work together to realize the promise of better, cheaper, smarter healthcare for everyone.