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Our Investment in Pebble Post

RRE Blog

Our Investment in Pebble Post

Jason Black

Today we are excited to announce our lead investment in PebblePost’s $15M Series B.

Over the last decade, advertising and marketing technology has gone through a massive transformation. Digital retargeting, social media channels, personalization, and - most recently - programmatic, have quickly become vital to the success of the modern CMO. To date though, one marketing channel has been left behind: direct mail.

Understandably so. Bits and bytes are the low hanging fruit. Our own portfolio reflects some of the players in that first wave of revolution. Sailthru leverages this flexibility to build email software that individually personalized email based on hundreds of data points. Beeswax enables companies to programmatically buy ads across the web based on a company’s proprietary data sets at scale, and tweak and tune that optimization in real time.

But as digital channels start to saturate, marketers are looking for new, differentiated, and highly engaging ways to reconnect with their existing customers, and intelligently reach out to new ones. Despite the disadvantages of printing and delivering a piece of snail mail, direct mail is a massive industry (~$50B/yr) for one simple reason — it works. It works despite the fact that the most sophisticated providers rely solely on demographic and geo-targeting data. The tools and capabilities, however, have kept modern marketing professionals from wading into its opaque, slow moving industry.

Enter PebblePost. To call PebblePost a direct mail company is like calling Amazon a bookstore. By marrying the best of traditional direct mail with the best of digital advertising, the company empowers marketers to transform real-time interest and intent data into high quality, personalized, postcards and catalogs. This enables PebblePost to re-engage existing customers and, critically, target website prospects who have yet to convert. Because it begins online, the PebblePost platform can match a return visit and provide real-time analytics on response, conversion and ROAS, allowing digital marketers to optimize their campaigns just as they would on other programmatic platforms. The advantages can’t be overstated.

The results don’t disappoint. Taken together, the PebblePost platform has enabled clients to perform 10x better than traditional direct mail campaigns and a full 100x digital retargeting campaigns.

As venture investors, we invest in companies that use data and technology as a leverage point to create new business opportunities and build in step-function increases in performance and usability. PebblePost does both in a big way.

We couldn’t be more excited to be a partner along their journey in transforming what direct mail can do for brands around the globe.