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Our Investment in Clarity Money

RRE Blog

Our Investment in Clarity Money

Henry Toole

RRE Ventures is excited to announce our Series B investment in Clarity Money, the next-generation personal financial manager focused on empowering consumers with an intelligent financial advocate.

The recent proliferation of apps targeted at improving users’ financial health is no secret: over the past few years dozens of companies have sought to tackle the problem of enabling users to save more, spend less, invest more, invest more intelligently, begin to budget, budget better, the list goes on. However, this market is crowded with solutions targeted at the small subset of individuals willing and able to mine their financial data, create budgets, and then take direct action to improve their financial situations.

Clarity Money is an app designed for everyone else. Adam Dell and the Clarity Money team believe that there is a much bigger (if less visible) market of people who have trouble taking proactive steps to improve their financial health because of the confusing and overwhelming landscape of financial products and the institutions which offer them. Clarity’s product delivers on the promise of simplifying financial choices and acting on behalf of consumers to boost their financial wellness and health. For the lucky few who have the time and ability to fully optimize their financial lives, tools are plentiful. For the rest of us, there’s Clarity Money.

“Clarity Money is exactly the type of deal I like to do,” says RRE Managing Partner Stuart Ellman, who has joined Clarity’s board. “Adam Dell is an experienced entrepreneur who I’ve known for twenty years and funded before. He’s assembled an experienced team to tackle a meaningful problem in a massive space.”

Clarity Money offers users the ability to link their various accounts and get a comprehensive yet simple picture of their overall financial health. The app also enables users to budget more effectively, set up automatic savings, and cancel subscriptions or other recurring payments. But more importantly, Clarity acts as a trusted financial advisor and advocate, intelligently saving consumers money by renegotiating bills on users’ behalfs and referring users to financial products which are more affordable and better suited to their needs.

In so doing, the Clarity Money team is democratizing financial wellness, bringing the thoughtful, personalized, financial management solutions currently available to high-net-worth individuals to everyone. We could not be more excited to partner with a proven entrepreneur focused on building a sustainable business by improving the financial lives of all individuals.