Mashing up NYC

Nov 15, 2011 Back to blog

It's time to mash-up New York.

The tech community has burst onto the scene, but remains largely insular. The same 250 people are at every tech event, follow each other on Twitter, and roam the tech corridor from the Ace Hotel to Canal.

This isn't a criticism, it was absolutely necessary for us to form a tight knit, supportive community in a city of 8 million. 

But now that we've arrived, it's time to look outward. We have an unfair advantage relative to every other tech center in the world: we share an island with half-a-dozen major industries, the world's leading cultural and artistic institutions, and, put simply, the most diverse and talented population on the planet.

We need to start bringing these groups into the mix. We need to mash-up NYC's best around the best of what we're building. No one is as well positioned as the tech community to be the new hub of the city given the diversity of our start-ups and entrepreneurs.

This is already underway at a number of start-ups and in small doses at places like General Assembly and TechStars. I'm sure it's part of Bloomberg's vision for the role of the proposed science and engineering campus. But I will be thinking about ways to accelerate this, and would love to talk to anyone who wants to collaborate.