Welcome Schlaf!

Stuart J. Ellman Jul 17, 2013 Back to blog

New York’s startup and venture ecosystem is pretty tight knit, so everyone who’s actively involved tends to know one another. And every once in a while someone comes along who stands out as exceptional.

Steve Schlafman (@schlaf) is one of those people, and we are incredibly excited to welcome him to the RRE team.

We have had the opportunity to work with Steve through countless New York startup events and by investing alongside him during his tenure at Lerer Ventures. Over time, everyone on the RRE team has gotten to know Steve well, and we’ve rarely met anyone who works harder, is more genuine in his relationships with entrepreneurs, and who is more deeply committed to building out the New York early stage technology ecosystem (Steve is responsible for the excellent Guide to NYC Tech).

We believe we serve the founders with whom we work, our Limited Partners, and the broader community best by assembling the most capable and engaging team that we can. Steve will be an integral part of our team going forward, and we are delighted to welcome Steve to RRE.


- The RRE Investment Team