Bark & Co
New York, NY
RRE Investment
Company Team
Henrik Werdelin
Matt Meeker
Carly Strife
RRE Team
Stuart J. Ellman


Bark & Co

Bark & Co is a New York City based subscription-commerce company serving dog owners and their four-legged friends every month.

Bark & Co is the handiwork of Matt Meeker, Henrik Werdelin (prehype)  and Carly Strife. Brought together by their love of all things canine, these three launched Bark & Co’s first product, BarkBox, with little thought as to how popular it was going to be. As BarkBox grew, so did their understanding of the loyal dog parents that loved their monthly box of goodies. The success of the box led to the creation of Bark & Co, a company that is dedicated to building products that foster the health and happiness of dogs everywhere.