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130 E 59th St., Floor 17
New York, NY


Openly writeable, shared database for the social web.


Fluidinfo is an online information storage and search platform. Its design supports shared openly-writable metadata of any type and about anything, provides modern writable APIs, and allows data to be branded with domain names.

Fluidinfo provides a universal metadata engine because it has an object for everything imaginable, just like Wikipedia has a web page for everything. Fluidinfo objects can always have data added to them by any user or application, so related metadata can be stored in the same place. This allows it to be combined in searches, and remixed to great effect, increasing its value over metadata held in isolated databases. Fluidinfo allows information owners to put their internet domain names onto data and has a simple, flexible, and powerful permissions system.

Fluidinfo makes it possible for data to be social.



New York, NY


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