Copiun Works With RSA to Provide Strong Authentication For Collaboration with Mobile Devices

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MARLBOROUGH, Mass., Aug 08, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Copiun Inc., a leader in secure mobile collaboration, today announced that it has joined the Secured by RSA(R) Certified Partner Program to establish interoperability between its Copiun TrustedShare(TM) solution - an enterprise-grade secure mobile collaboration software suite providing end-to-end data governance - and RSA SecurID(R) technology from RSA, The Security Division of EMC EMC -0.48% . This certification signifies that an interoperability partnership has been established to help increase security for joint customers. The interoperability will give users of Copiun's mobile collaboration software an option for a "Strong Authentication" level of data security, allowing them to even more safely access corporate data on their personal and business tablets, smartphones and laptops. The technology is available immediately and can be downloaded in Apple's App Store(SM) today.

"The increasing number of mobile devices and mobile business applications used by enterprises are leaving corporate data vulnerable to unprecedented levels of multi-layered security threats," said David Low, Director, Strategic Technology Alliances, RSA. "RSA has been integral in helping companies design their mobile security strategies and Copiun is a leader in securing enterprise mobile collaboration. Working together we can help deliver the highest level of security for enterprises looking to protect their sensitive information."

According to a recent Gartner report*, there will be an estimated 665 million tablets in use worldwide by 2016 and over a billion smartphones - with many of these devices finding their way into the workplace thanks to the ever increasing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend. To access sensitive, confidential corporate data with these devices, a new level of mobile protection is required. The integration of RSA's authentication into Copiun TrustedShare advances its already built-in two-factor authentication with an option for "Strong Authentication," which provides greater security for organizations whose employees are among the many RSA users looking to collaborate across all of their devices (e.g., laptop, tablets and smartphones). To make mobile workers more productive, Copiun TrustedShare is a native mobile application, meaning it keeps the same user interface that mobile workers are familiar with, thereby eliminating any "downtime" due to unfamiliarity of a new system or retraining.

"For RSA customers, many of whom work in finance, government and other industries dealing with highly sensitive information, our motivation is to leverage the authentication standard they have already adopted and give them better security while helping to comply with national and international laws for data protection," said Copiun co-founder and chief technology officer, Sanjay Jain. "Our interoperability partnership with RSA will help allow mobile workers to share even the most sensitive files and data under a high level of security that falls into compliance and meets federal and industry regulations, without sacrificing simplicity and ease-of-use."

RSA SecurID(R) Two-Factor Authentication

RSA SecurID two-factor authentication is the market-leading strong authentication solution used by more than 40 million people across 30,000 organizations worldwide. It is engineered to assure user identities and protect against unauthorized access to applications and resources across numerous physical locations. RSA SecurID technology is comprised of both a broad range of hardware and software authenticators that provide end users with a one-time password that is designed to change every 60 seconds, as well as its software engine - RSA(R) Authentication Manager - which scales to support millions of users and provides the benefit of technical certification and interoperability with more than 300 products.

The Copiun TrustedShare(TM) Difference

Copiun provides several options for authentication, including ActiveDirectory Credentials, a user token (a built-in 2nd factor authentication) as well as an option for RSA SecurID authorization and authentication. Copiun also provides trusted app data sharing to ensure documents are only opened by corporate authorized apps. In addition, Copiun TrustedShare provides mobile access to enterprise documents without the need to establish a VPN connection. Users simply connect to Copiun's TrustedShare secure access gateway, which provides authentication and authorization services for users wishing to access documents from Microsoft's SharePoint(R) and other network shares within its secure document container. When configured for RSA Authentication, users accessing their documents from their mobile devices are prompted to supply one-time passwords provided by their RSA SecurID authenticator, making the process simple and seamless.

Copiun Trusted share already prevents access to the corporate data on lost or stolen devices with multiple layers of security including encryption, pass code protection, and remote wipe of the corporate data. The RSA SecurID authentication adds yet another security layer to protect the corporate data on lost or stolen devices during the time before an administrator actually enforces a remote wipe or an access revoke policy on the device.

About the Secured by RSA Certified Partner Program The Secured by RSA Certified Partner Program is one of the largest and longest-running technology alliance programs of its type, bringing over 1,000 complementary solutions across more than 300 organizations together. RSA SecurID(R), RSA(R) Access Manager, RSA(R) Adaptive Authentication, RSA(R) Digital Certificate Solutions, RSA(R) Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Suite, RSA(R) Hybrid Authenticators, RSA(R) enVision, RSA(R) Federated Identity Manager and RSA(R) Data Protection Manager Suite certification programs bring added assurance to customers that their solutions are certified as interoperable to help them achieve faster time to deployment and lower overall cost of ownership. The Secured by RSA Certified Partner Program reflects RSA's commitment to driving inventive collaboration across the industry and support standards-based interoperability with its information-centric security solutions to help protect information, identities and infrastructures. For more information, please visit .

About Copiun Headquartered in Marlborough, Mass., Copiun, Inc. is a venture-backed start-up that was founded in late 2008. Copiun provides the first and only secure mobile collaboration solution with end-to-end data governance. Through its unique technology, Copiun TrustedShare(TM) lets mobile workers access and share corporate documents, while ensuring IT retains complete document lifecycle control. Enterprises count on Copiun to power instant mobile worker productivity with no compromises to their corporate data. Copiun's products are used by more than 200 enterprise customers globally. For more information about Copiun and its offerings, please visit: .

*Gartner report: "Forecast: Media Tablets by Operating System, Worldwide, 2010-2016, 1Q12 Update."

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