Quirky and Bed Bath and Beyond Team Up to Crowdsource Consumer Products

TheDailycrowdsource Sep 06, 2011 Back to press

A Bed Bath and Beyond in New York City will feature crowdsourced innovations by Quirky. The consumer products company asks customers to suggest ideas for inventions and then advise on improvements to those products. Every week the company asks its 80,000 users to suggest problems to solve or address existing issues.

The Bed Bath and Beyond is offering the store windows up to Quirky to demonstrate their work. People walking by can offer suggestions, pose questions, or describe a problem they want Quirky to solve. Users on Twitter can tweet the same with the hashtag #QuirkyAtBBB. In person, people can write ideas down and hold it up to the window for designers.

One of the benefits that Quirky touts is their quick turnaround. Products designed in the Bed Bath and Beyond windows could be in the store for Christmas. Suggestions can also come from current events. One, just after the Mineral, VA earthquake, suggested a china cabinet that would keep dishes from breaking. Another person walking by asked for a better bike lock after his bike was stolen.

“It’s pretty cool. There’s an instant reaction. People are giving us ideas.”
Jordan Diatlo, designer for Quirky

Shoppers are already embracing Quirky’s products, a manager at Bed Bath and Beyond reported. Their best-selling item is Pivot Power, a power outlet strip which can snake around to fit bulky chargers and adapters into any outlet. This demonstration of success is likely to increase the willingness of major corporations to experiment with crowdsourcing. As they see the commercial success of Quirky and Bed Bath and Beyond, other corporations are likely to embrace the trend.

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