Drobo: Our Success in 2012 Will be Based on 2011 Milestones

The Var Guy Dec 16, 2011 Back to press

by Dave Courbanou

Drobo, formerly Data Robotics, the storage company behind the stylish and svelte data appliances that offer both pro-sumer and professional technology, is boasting some milestones in 2011 that are putting Drobo on track to have a stellar year for 2012. Read on for the storage details …

Drobo has deployed “over 200,000 Drobo storage systems,” according to the company, and its new B1200i unit (which we covered) has seen considerable traction in the storage industry with “new customer momentum” and industry awards. In fact, the company believes it has done so well that CEO Tom Buiocchi said he wanted to personally thank customers and partners for their success. In addition, Buiocchi noted:

“[Drobo is] poised to enter 2012 as a vastly improved and transformed company with over half our revenue from business products, exciting new data tiering technology, a breakthrough new platform in the B1200i and fantastic new partnerships.”

Drobo apparently has seen a real uptick from all industries, including financial, educational and governmental outlets. Next to those accolades, Drobo is also hanging its Tech Awards Circle “Gold Medal Winner for SMB hardware” up on the wall. And of note for the channel: Drobo has formed alliances with PogoPlug, Carbonite and Veeam cloud storage companies, all of which now integrate with Drobo to provide even more robust storage solutions for both partners and customers alike — a move that has been “very popular with [the] small and medium company customer base,” according to Drobo.

Storage needs aren’t stopping (in fact, they’re causing some shortages) so keep all eyes on Drobo. There’s lots of potential for Drobo to dominate the SMB storage space in 2012, especially since it has made decent moves in 2011.

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