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130 E 59th St., Floor 17
New York, NY


Everything you need for your school or daycare, in one simple app.


Most industries today have really good, dedicated software. And most people—certainly including teachers and parents—expect solutions to be mobile these days. If you can do work email, pay bills, hail a ride to the airport, and video chat with someone across the world all from the palm of your hand, why not manage a daycare or preschool? Why not check­in students for the day? Why not annotate learning, or message families? Why send invoices and pay tuition?
So we created brightwheel: the first cross­platform mobile solution to connect schools and families, and solve their biggest challenges. Administrators can manage the school, teachers can manage the classroom, and parents can manage the home ­easier. And everything is synced, accessible, and easy to use.



San Francisco, CA


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