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130 E 59th St., Floor 17
New York, NY

Who We Are


We are a New York-based venture capital firm. We believe in unique ideas, we partner with extraordinary teams, and we commit to supporting great companies as they develop and grow. As investors, we pride ourselves on combining experience with open-mindedness. We're a thoughtful investment firm that encompasses independent perspectives, and our decades of expertise complement our enduring hunger for amazing opportunities.


At RRE, we are committed to helping founders build category-defining companies in industries ranging from financial services (OnDeck, Avant, Venmo) to 3D printing (Makerbot), and from media (BuzzFeed, Business Insider, TheSkimm) to space and robotics (Jibo, Spaceflight, Spire). We invest primarily in Seed, Series A, and Series B rounds, and we take pride in being active strategic and operational - as well as financial - partners. Our unparalleled network of relationships across multiple industries and countries allows us to help the companies we invest in with strategy, business development, marketing, recruiting, and much more. Simply put, we think of ourselves as being far more than just a source of capital for companies.

RRE has raised $1.5 billion across seven funds. While we invest primarily in early and mid-stage businesses, our structure allows us to remain active participants throughout the financing life of a company. Our broad horizon has yielded investments across all forms of hardware, software, and tech-enabled services, and we have had over sixty acquisitions and seventeen IPOs to date. We invest across the United States and in select cases, overseas. With over fifty portfolio companies based in the New York Metro region alone, we are among the area’s most active investors.





What we look for

At RRE we look for credible teams executing against incredible ideas. While our investment decisions are based on many factors, we tend to focus on three main criteria when evaluating a new opportunity.


Category-defining companies are founded by exceptional teams with the relentless spirit and passion necessary for extraordinary execution. Our partners have a deep affinity for the problem they want to solve or the experience they wish to create. This can take several forms, including deep industry expertise, successful prior ventures, demonstrated drive, or all the above. Credible people, incredible ideas... and the ability to execute.


Great teams tend to create great products. That said, we believe that new companies need to create products that are more than incrementally better than existing solutions. Our companies build products creating marketplace resonance that is magnetic and impossible to ignore.  Truly amazing product is what distinguishes a company from numerous other would-be disruptors.


There are many large industries. Only some are ripe for disruption. Similarly, there are many bold ideas for new market categories but only certain moments when these categories can actually emerge. We look at structural and competitive landscapes while harnessing our experience working with the world’s largest corporations to determine whether a market is large, growing, and attackable. We invest in businesses disrupting such markets.




RRE Ventures Offices

130 East 59th Street
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