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130 E 59th St., Floor 17
New York, NY


The enterprise node.js company.


Node.js is the fastest growing application framework across all programming languages and is catalyzing a tectonic shift in software development unseen since the early days of Java. NodeSource is the Enterprise Node.js company, offering the only commercial version of Node.js explicitly focused on the needs of F500 institutions. To date, NodeSource customers include PayPal, Netflix, Uber, Dow Jones, News Corp, Intuit, Uber, Fitbit, NASA and many others.
NodeSource recently launched their SaaS product, N|Solid—an enterprise Node.js runtime to fill the gaps that the open source version of Node.js leaves behind: monitoring, administration, and security. Released only a few months ago, N|Solid's customers already include Conde Nast, GoPro, and Warner Brothers, to name just a few.



San Francisco, CA


RRE Team 
Raju Rishi & Jason Black

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